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Mastering the GRESB 2024 Timeline: Your Ultimate Guide to ESG Reporting Excellence

Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) has firmly established itself as the definitive ESG benchmark in real estate, offering a comprehensive framework to evaluate and manage a company’s sustainability initiatives. It meticulously assesses a broad range of performance metrics, promoting informed, sustainable decision-making.

The 2023 GRESB assessment saw participation from over 2,000 entities, managing $7.2 trillion in assets, signaling its importance to investors and companies alike. The extensive data collected informs investment strategies and operations, making adherence to GRESB standards a priority for forward-thinking real estate entities.

Success in GRESB reporting demands precision, strategic planning, and continuous improvement. With an emphasis on thorough data collection and monitoring, entities can strengthen their market position, reflecting a deep-seated commitment to sustainability that resonates with the community and investors.

GRESB 2024 Timeline & Task Breakdown:

Understanding the GRESB timeline is fundamental to ensuring timely and accurate reporting. Our infographic offers a visual roadmap for the critical milestones in the 2024 reporting cycle, from data gathering to the final submission.

  • February to March: Kickoff data gathering and ensure all sites are aligned with fund and subgroup allocations.
  • April: Move towards finalizing data and seek third-party assurance to verify the integrity of your information.
  • May to June: Conduct data intensity checks, and ensure all data is ready for the final push to GRESB before the portal closes on July 1st.

When you embark on your GRESB reporting journey with Measurabl, you’re not just utilizing a platform — you’re gaining a dedicated team of GRESB experts committed to transforming this complex task into an achievable project. Our team ensures every item on your GRESB checklist is completed efficiently and accurately. Here’s a glimpse of how we deconstruct the process:

From the onset in February, Measurabl’s team begins by adding sites to your portfolio, setting up utilities, and initiating data checks. We allocate sites to funds and subgroups, ensuring each component of your portfolio is accounted for and accurately represented.

As March arrives, our team assists with the detailed work of defining spaces for each site, assigning meters, and carrying out thorough data completeness checks. We stand by your side, offering hands-on support and resources to navigate each requirement with ease.

With the opening of the GRESB portal in April, our specialists provide expert guidance in data entry, making the process as smooth as possible. Our support extends to navigating the nuances of lifecycle stages, occupancy details, and ownership percentages.

We don’t leave it there. In May and June, we dive into data quality and intensity checks. Our experts are on hand to resolve any outstanding issues, ensuring your data is polished and precise for the GRESB submission. We provide a suite of resources, including informative webinars and proactive ongoing communication, to keep you informed and prepared at every stage.

Arbeiten mit Measurabl means that the daunting task of GRESB reporting is broken down into attainable milestones. With a dedicated team of GRESB experts guiding you through and resources designed to make the process a breeze, you can tackle the GRESB reporting season with confidence and ease.

Measurabl’s Expert Support:

As your dedicated GRESB partner, Measurabl offers a suite of tools and services to ensure your ESG reporting is seamless and successful.

  • Automated Data Collection: Leveraging technology to minimize errors and maximize efficiency.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Navigating every aspect of the GRESB assessment with ease.
  • Performance Analysis: Identifying trends and opportunities for year-over-year improvement.

Success Stories & Results:

Measurabl’s clients have seen substantial benefits, with a noteworthy average score increase of 3 points in the 2023 GRESB assessment, 55% of our clients improving their scores, and an impressive 87% receiving Green Stars.

Why GRESB Matters for Your Business:

Achieving a high GRESB score is directly correlated with attracting investment and improving returns. As Measurabl’s statistics show, a one-point increase in GRESB scoring is associated with a 0.36% increase in annualized total returns for ODCE Index funds.

Measurabl not only prepares you for GRESB but sets a course for sustainable growth and enhanced market value. Our platform empowers you to meet and exceed investor expectations with robust ESG disclosure and strategic insight into risks and opportunities.

Take Action

As the GRESB portal closure date of July 1st draws nearer, the time to act is now. Whether you’re an investor, fund manager, or operator, our platform and expertise translate into real results and real growth.
Don’t miss this last chance to ensure your GRESB reporting is handled by the best in the business. Engage with our team now for unparalleled support – grab a time with us hier bevor es zu spät ist.