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Product Spotlight: Climate Due Diligence Scan

An on-demand real estate climate due diligence scan for any property in the world

Non-financial risk assessment is now an imperative in the real estate industry. There are many reasons for this shift in mindset, including climate regulation, investor and tenant demand for sustainable and healthy properties, and stakeholder commitments to transition to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Regardless of what drives real estate stakeholders to explore their non-financial risks, it’s become clear that making any type of investment decision on a property without having visibility into its Klimarisiko can bring critical challenges in the long term. More than ever before, environmental impacts carry financial consequences that can threaten investment returns.

Property investors, lenders, and insurers need reliable, timely property-level data that is easy to understand and allows them to assess these risks and recognize when further investigation is needed.

Measurabl, the world’s most widely adopted ESG platform for real estate, is intimately familiar with this market need. We built our platform on the idea that real estate owners and their stakeholders need comprehensive visibility into their environmental performance. This is the “why” behind what we’ve created in the last decade, and it is the impetus behind our third Data product, Climate Due Diligence Scan, designed to make climate risk assessment easy, convenient, and informative for any real estate transaction.

What is Climate Due Diligence Scan?

Climate Due Diligence Scan is an on-demand, user-friendly, and standardized real estate climate scan that allows anyone to run a sustainability due diligence report in just minutes. It delivers reliable property-level estimates derived from Measurabl’s highly accurate machine-learning model, powered by a database of more than 15 billion square feet (1.4 billion square meters) of real estate worldwide, along with trusted physical climate risk data from S&P Global Sustainable1

Climate Due Diligence Scan provides visibility into the greatest climate risks and opportunities facing real estate—whole building energy consumption and carbon emissions, physical climate risk exposure, applicable local regulations, and green building certifications. You can request this information for any property in the world by providing just four data points: address, floor area, property type, and year built.

An on-demand report unlike anything else available

Within minutes, Climate Due Diligence Scan returns a comprehensive report on any property in an organized and easy-to-read deliverable that makes complex information much more digestible—allowing users to feel even more confident about their investment decisions.

Climate Due Diligence Scan gives those conducting real estate transactions the opportunity to have a timely, accurate insider’s view into the sustainability performance of properties they have a stake in beyond anything currently available on the market. And that data is contextualized: it gives you the ability to pinpoint where a property’s environmental performance stands compared to global, national, and state benchmarks.

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