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Product Spotlight: Real-Time Carbon Insights

For most companies, accurate reporting of their actions toward their decarbonization initiatives to their investors is anchored in data. However, what if the very data you’re leaning on isn’t telling the whole story? 

In the ever-evolving world of carbon accounting, many still rely on outdated yearly averages. These outdated methods can sometimes distort reality, inflating emissions estimates by up to 33%. They overlook factors like seasonal variations, updates to operations, shifts in building occupancy, and changes in energy sources. 

At Measurabl, we’re pioneering a new standard, moving beyond our competitors. Our commitment to innovation isn’t just about capability—it’s about knowing we’re charting the right course for both us and the entire industry. 

It’s clear to us that while yearly averages give a high-level view of a portfolio’s emissions, they often leave out detailed insights, such as time-of-use emissions, crucial for informed decision-making. 

The good news? There’s a solution. Introducing Measurabl’s Real-Time Carbon Insights.

Was ist Measurabl’s Real-Time Carbon Insights?

Real-Time Carbon Insights is Measurablist das neuste Asset Optimization feature that allows users to clearly identify areas for operational reductions, and get a vivid picture of historical and current emissions, guiding them toward the least carbon intensive operational windows. 

Real-Time Carbon Insights seamlessly monitors Distributed Energy Resources (DER), making it easy to compare onsite renewable generation with net consumption — this aids in accurate budgeting and performance evaluation.
And the standout feature? You can access ultra-precise data specific to a building’s location, measured in real-time. It offers insights into solar usage and consumption patterns, backed by credible data from entities like balancing authorities and the Energieinformationsverwaltung.

Built for Proactive Real Estate Teams

Real-Time Carbon Insights is more than just numbers; it empowers teams. 

Driven by rising demands to surpass current ESG benchmarks, real estate firms are moving from carbon offset tactics to net-zero and decarbonization strategies. Real-Time Carbon Insights provides the crucial data needed, especially since yearly emission stats can’t validate continuous carbon-free operations — it’s truly the next level in carbon tracking. 

Many companies with decarbonization goals often miss the impact their operational teams can have. With this tool, operators can identify areas to adjust operations to lower carbon footprints, and immediately verify their actions’ impact..

At this time, this feature is only available in the United States and parts of Canada, but Measurabl will launch the feature in EMEA and APAC soon.

If you’re ready to optimize your assets with immediate, valuable insights, contact Measurabl noch heute.