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Measurabl and Susteco Announce Partnership Accelerating Data-Driven Business Opportunities for Real Estate

The collaboration provides ESG data and software within a comprehensive and integrated smart building ecosystem.

BERLIN, GERMANY, June 26, 2024Measurabl, the world’s most widely adopted ESG (environmental, social, governance) technology platform for real estate, has announced a partnership with susteco solutions GmbH, a Bosch company focused on creating centralized access to data-driven real estate solutions. The partnership between Measurabl and Susteco is a major step forward for the industry, combining Measurabl’s expertise in sustainability data management with Susteco’s innovative, data-driven Ecosystem.

Successfully managing real estate requires diverse collaboration among stakeholders, yet current technology systems, including those for smart buildings, often create silos and complexity. Those data sources include billing service providers, property and facility managers, building control technologies, smart meters, and sensors.

To truly benefit from digital transformation, the industry needs a unified platform that offers a comprehensive view of building data across all these diverse sources. Future-proofing investments and achieving sustainability depend on connecting systems, integrating data, and eliminating manual data entry, to turn a building’s digital history into a valuable asset for informed decision-making about future modifications and transactions.

Measurabl and Susteco share the goal of an integrated data management software and open ecosystem for the real estate industry. Both companies recognize that the sector must embrace collaboration to drastically address the growing concern of global emissions and create meaningful change.

The Ecosystem drives sustainable innovation across a building’s lifecycle — from initial construction, to renovations, to capital investments. Real estate owners, operators, and service providers can transparently record, structure, and process building and consumption data as well as data from third-party providers. The platform aims to enable better decision-making, optimize operating expenses, and maintain value while managing and operating real estate portfolios.

Users log into Susteco to see a profile for their building and access different technology platforms connected to the particular building, such as Recogizer, which automatically reduces energy consumption through AI-based control of HVAC systems; and EHTW Service GmbH, which specializes in waste data collection and waste management. Customers get access to a digital representation of the building; all available on one single data platform, regardless of the service provider or data source, meaning more efficient monitoring and management. Measurabl will be a fully integrated ESG data and software technology partner on Susteco’s platform.

Measurabl provides monthly and real-time sustainability reporting, compliance, and real-time asset optimization measures driven by smart meter and hardware integrations provided by Susteco. Measurabl software will allow Susteco customers to access a powerful, centralized ESG suite of tools including:

  • Automated utility data collection
  • Progress tracking toward sustainability targets
  • Performance comparisons with custom peer groups
  • Streamlined ESG voluntary and mandatory reporting
  • Flexible, tailored ESG reports
  • Physical climate risk insights
  • Grüne Zertifizierungen
  • Großprojekte

Measurabl ESG software is seamlessly displayed within the Susteco platform to improve building performance, increase NOI, and enable regulatory compliance. The partnership is initially focused on Europe, strongly emphasizing Germany, with future global aspirations.

“This partnership reaffirms our commitment to delivering detailed and accurate data management for global real estate portfolios,” said Maureen Waters, CGO of Measurabl. “By collaborating with Susteco, we will be able to provide organizations access to our platform, alongside other smart building data management tools. This means sustainability managers, asset managers, and portfolio managers are given access to a more holistic view of their buildings and portfolios. We will leverage Susteco’s technology and expertise to better serve the entirety of our customers’ portfolios.”

“Success in today’s real estate market depends on the ability to recognize risks early and make informed decisions quickly,” said Johanna Fuchs-Boenisch, CEO of Susteco. “Having reliable, updated, and centralized data means that real estate professionals can act quickly. Our partnership with Measurabl exemplifies our commitment to fostering an open, digital ecosystem that brings together top-tier technologies future-proofing real estate for the data age.”


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Über Measurabl
Measurabl is the world’s most widely adopted ESG data platform, empowering over 1,000 customers in 93 countries to measure, manage, and report ESG data on more than 1.68B square meters of real estate. Measurabl helps organizations enhance ESG performance, mitigate climate risks, and capitalize on sustainable finance opportunities.

About Susteco
susteco solutions GmbH, a Bosch company, offers a robust platform for the real estate industry, leveraging Bosch’s decades-long legacy in building technologies. Susteco enables a data-driven ecosystem that enhances decision-making, decreases costs, drives growth, and fosters collaboration within the real estate sector.